We’ve been a little lapse with our updates lately as production has been ramping up at the studio, but we’ve made a tremendous amount of progress. For context, Joe has created this visualization of our game’s progress from data taken directly from our source control using Gource.

What we have here is the main project branch of Forged of Blood as the team have created and added to over past months. You can see how we started with just three programmers zipping around creating branches and setting the foundations for our game. Over time, our tree grew to reflect the growing team here at the studio, whose work can be most notably seen in the first big “explosion” we see around the 50 second mark as we integrated their assets.

Every new branch bursting out of the tree reflects what is often days of discussion, iteration and asset creation before being pulled into the stream for integration. It’s one thing to test out the game on our weekly builds, but it’s quite another to see all that work visualized from our source.

That said, we’re also pretty excited to show off a couple of the environments the team has put together for the tactical combat – don’t forget to hit those arrow buttons.

That’s it for this week – I’ll be back soon with another look.

– Igor