Forged of Blood – A Fantasy Turn-based Tactical RPG that places the fate of an entire world on your every decision. 2017-07-19T15:57:14+00:00
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A Fantasy Turn-based Tactical RPG, Forged of Blood places the fate of an entire world on your every decision. With tactical combat and character building at the heart of the game, players will take on an epic journey of adventure and conquest across a morally grey fantasy world.


Tactical fantasy, unbound.

Engage in visceral tactical combat in a fantasy world filled with the dangerous posed by monsters and men alike. By sword or spell, the battles are yours to fight by any means at your disposal.

The arsenal of classless warfare.

With nine weapon classes – each with it’s own unique skill trees, six general ability trees and one of the most comprehensive spell crafting systems ever attempted in video games, the characters are yours to lead and build the way you want to play. With progression tied to use, Forged of Blood features no classes, no restrictions, only character building the way it should be.

Spellcrafting, as it should be.

Tied to the unique magical lore system of Magurite, Forged of Blood introduces a spellcrafting systems that lets players craft spells from the ground up.

Beyond the battlefield, a kingdom at war.

Delivering a layered gameplay experience, Forged of Blood puts players at the helm of a fledgling campaign on and off the battlefield. Commanding up to three parties on a Strategic Layer, players will take on quests and fight to reclaim a kingdom. While the Castle Layer offers a reprieve from war and the chance to customize and upgrade their characters and gear.

Your ends, our means.

Your saga begins as an era comes to a close in the world of Attiras. In this world of grays and unique perspectives, it is up to the player to decide what is “right” or “wrong” for the future of Attiras and your kingdom. As choice and consequence take center stage, Forged of Blood introduces a new “Tri-Axis Personality Plot” in lieu of the traditional Good vs. Evil scale.